Since 2005, prices and, above all, the con­sump­tion of energy com­mod­it­ies (water, elec­tri­city, heat, nat­ur­al gas) have been rising sharply across Europe and we all want to reduce our con­sump­tion and fin­an­cial costs.

For this reas­on, at the end of 2006 a group of energy and eco­nom­ic experts united to res­ist rising con­sump­tion and energy costs. The power engin­eers reduce energy con­sump­tion with the help of new tech­no­lo­gies by effi­ciently man­aging con­sump­tion and util­iz­ing waste resources. The eco­nom­ists set the busi­ness and tech­nic­al con­di­tions of energy con­sump­tion, select the optim­al way to pur­chase energy accord­ing to the type of cus­tom­er and cre­ate an admin­is­trat­ive sys­tem to mon­it­or energy costs (see Ser­vice offer).

We are one of the few who are com­pre­hens­ively engaged in optim­iz­ing energy costs in terms of tech­nic­al, leg­al, admin­is­trat­ive and pri­cing. We oper­ate in sev­en coun­tries across the European Uni­on and our cus­tom­ers are small and medi­um energy pur­chasers who can­not afford their own energy expert, but also mul­tina­tion­al com­pan­ies for which we cre­ate admin­is­trat­ive sys­tems, assess­ments and train staff.

Our goal is to seek for our cus­tom­ers the right tech­nic­al solu­tion to reduce energy con­sump­tion and com­mod­ity prices, optim­ize busi­ness and tech­nic­al con­di­tions and cre­ate a sys­tem to con­trol con­sump­tion and energy costs. This pro­cess is ongo­ing and we are in con­tact with the cus­tom­er for sev­er­al years.