Since 2005, prices and, above all, the consumption of energy commodities (water, electricity, heat, natural gas) have been rising sharply across Europe and we all want to reduce our consumption and financial costs.

For this reason, at the end of 2006 a group of energy and economic experts united to resist rising consumption and energy costs. The power engineers reduce energy consumption with the help of new technologies by efficiently managing consumption and utilizing waste resources. The economists set the business and technical conditions of energy consumption, select the optimal way to purchase energy according to the type of customer and create an administrative system to monitor energy costs (see Service offer).

We are one of the few who are comprehensively engaged in optimizing energy costs in terms of technical, legal, administrative and pricing. We operate in seven countries across the European Union and our customers are small and medium energy purchasers who cannot afford their own energy expert, but also multinational companies for which we create administrative systems, assessments and train staff.

Our goal is to seek for our customers the right technical solution to reduce energy consumption and commodity prices, optimize business and technical conditions and create a system to control consumption and energy costs. This process is ongoing and we are in contact with the customer for several years.